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Influences for the creation of this site includes: -Fellene Gaylord -Clark College -Family history of cancer Affiliations: -Fellene Gaylord(Instructor) -Clark college

Privacy Policy

The data I collect on for this site and post on here is used to educate and inform the viewer of Cancer, and it’s multiple forms as well as ways to prevent it. This data would be categorized as Docracy. This means that my data is anonymous and is not personally collected data. The way … More Privacy Policy

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Just a Quick Poll:

Question 1: Where can cancer occur? a. Stomach b. Skin c. Brain d. Lungs e. All of the above Question 2: What is the name of cancer which occurs on your skin? a. NSCLC b. Melanoma c. Culinary Question 3: Cancer can be genetic. a. True b. False

What is Cancer?

Cancer is the rapid uncontrollable growth of cells in your body. Most people wonder, why can’t your body deal with cancer? To put it simply, your body’s immune system which protects you from virus’ and fights them off, cannot detect cancer. It does not have the capability of recognizing it, therefor catching your body off … More What is Cancer?

Treatment Plans:

One of the most important things when dealing with any type of cancer, is getting treated. Some of the options that are typically out there, consist of chemo therapy, heat therapy and ozone therapy. While the type of cancer a patient can be diagnosed with are varied, the best thing to do is ask your … More Treatment Plans:

Cancer prevention:

Nutrition Plan– The nutrition plan helps strengthen your body by eating certain foods such as fish in which contain cancer preventive properties. In addition to taking such measures, it is also recommended to stay away from foods that have cancer inducing ingredients in them. A couple of examples of these ingredients are artificial colors, BHA … More Cancer prevention: